ecause his mother can no longer afford his private school education ever since his father left them, Will Mackenzie has just started his first ever stint in public school at Grove High School. Purely out of luck, Will falls into a crowd with Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland, who are by no means the popular kids but are also not the outright socially shunned. They in part allow Will into their group because they are attracted to his pretty mother, Polly Mackenzie. Simon's goal in life is to get his life long friend, Carly D'Amato, to be his girlfriend, despite she already having a boyfriend. Jay is always boasting about his sexual conquests, which his friends know is a pack of lies. And beyond his friends kidding him about his father's homosexual orientation (regardless of if it's true), Neil seems to be one or two steps behind everyone else in terms of comprehension. Their first bonding experience is skipping school together, which Will has never done. Initially not knowing what to do away from school, they end focusing on how to get a hold of some alcohol while being underage, and how Simon can best get Carly as his girl.

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