imon believes that getting his driver's license and having his father buy him a car - a promised sports edition of whatever the car model - will place him on an even playing field with Bobby Walsh, Carly's boyfriend of two months, in the competition for Carly's affections. As such, he, Will and Jay decide to head out to Sunshine Mountain Amusement Park in his new car to butt in on Carly's two month anniversary date with Bobby, for Will to have his Sunshine Mountain dream of riding in the front car of the Triscareatops roller coaster, and to hang out with Neil for the day, he who has a job at the park. Things don't start off well for Simon when he sees that the sports edition car his father bought for him is not exactly the chick magnet he assumed. Things just get worse as they have some issues with other motorists en route to the park, and have some car troubles once they arrive at the park which gives Simon some extra baggage for the day. Will and Simon end up having competing priorities, Simon's which ends up being affected by some misdirected water.

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