ill falls in love at first sight with fellow student, the generally unattainable Charlotte Allen, that attraction strengthened by her seemingly liking him. Their first meeting coincides with Will's want to join a school club to raise his social standing. That want changes slightly to joining a club that Charlotte too would want to join. After Will takes a chance by friending Charlotte on Facebook so that he can view her private profile - she who in turn accepts his friend request - he comes to the conclusion that he needs to start a cooking club, one of the few things listed as an interest under her profile. But incidents on Facebook end up being a source of problems for Will, especially with regard to Charlotte and her jealous ex-boyfriend, the psychotic and violent Donovan. Meanwhile, Simon, who initially scoffed at the idea of joining a club, changes his tune when Carly shows interest in Will's cooking club. And Jay, who has never had a wet dream, decides to forgo all other avenues of sexual pleasure until he achieves a nocturnal emission.

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