imon is excited but nervous when he learns that Carly and her family are moving into his house temporarily while their own house undergoes some renovations. His excitement and nervousness turns to fear when he is told by his friends that his bedroom still looks like that of a little kid, which has the potential of derailing his pursuit of her forever. Jay promises to help Simon "de-kid" his bedroom if Simon helps him in his latest quest: to be voted class clown. Being voted class clown is a Cartwright family legacy, where both his father and older brother were voted class clown time after time. Mr. Cartwright believes being voted class clown is borne out of insecurity, which doesn't help Jay's feeling of self-worth, which he feels he would have if he was voted class clown. However, Jay doesn't foresee the true comic genius of fellow nominee Nicky D. Will has his own problem, namely being bullied by Donovan, even though Will hasn't lately pursued Donovan's ex, Charlotte Allen. Will gets no meaningful help from either his friends or anyone in authority, i.e. Mr. Gilbert, in this matter, so he decides he has to take matters into his own hands, or something else from his body.

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