idan is having trust issues with both Caligra but most specifically Daniella following the revelation during the inquest that Daniella was reporting to Caligra on his on-the-job behavior. Daniella knows what she did was wrong, especially as she respects her partner, but doesn't know how to rectify the situation, nor does she know how to deal with Sean, for who she has lost all respect and who will probably continue to work with the unit. The Aidan/Daniella situation affects the entire unit as they partner with Sex Crimes in trying to apprehend who has been coined the Riverdale Rapist, a serial rapist with four known victims, each attacked while they were sleeping in their own home. Included among the rapist's MO is the fact that he leaves a set of plush toys at the crime scene. The latest victim is able to provide key information as this incident is the first time the rapist has spoken to any of his victims during the act. This information leads to the units focusing their investigation on neighborhood contractors, who can blend into the background without much notice. But when a fifth victim emerges, the units believe they may be dealing with two different rapists, as the key suspect in that fifth rape doesn't mesh with the profile of the other four.

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