n dealing with their latest case, the unit is officially but temporarily down one person as Daniella has taken a personal leave to meet her son who she gave up for adoption years ago. That case is of an armed robbery of personal possessions and meds in a psych ward at St. Stephen's by a masked man, who took one of the ward patients, a young woman named Emily Froese who is bipolar, hostage. The unit is provided unofficial assistance on the case by Dr. Clara Malone, the psychiatrist on duty when the masked man committed his crime. Upon questioning Clara on what happened and Poppy and Leo finding some evidence outside, Aidan surmises that the robbery was a front for the man's true purpose, which was to abduct Emily, she who seemingly was in on the plot. In looking at Emily's troubled case file, they also surmise that the masked man was Emily's boyfriend, Nolan Arthur, an ex-con who was in prison for some of those violent crimes listed in Emily's case file. In looking at Emily and Nolan's past life together and as individuals, which includes Emily estrangement from her family who had her committed because of those violent incidents some against them, the unit will have to find clues as to where Nolan and Emily are hiding out, and what their ultimate end goal is. Through it, Clara, much like Daniella before her, may find that getting involved in police matters has its own set of protocols unfamiliar to her, those protocols which she may decide to break in an effort to help. By the end of the case, Daniella makes a decision about her future.

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