sych Crimes and Crises' next case is investigating a bomb explosion at the home of sixty-seven year old Ed Janoski. Of the psychological issues Ed faces, chief amongst them may be his persecution complex, mostly against Damian Tremblay, self-coined as the "Condo Czar". Ed's house is located next to Tremblay's latest high rise condo complex under construction. Tremblay had tried to purchase Ed's house for "phase 2" of the complex, he who refused to sell. His refusal to sell placed him not only in a bad situation with Tremblay, who has the reputation of getting what he wants at any cost, but also all Ed's other neighbors who wanted to sell but the properties which Tremblay won't buy unless he can get them all. Ed is certain Tremblay is behind the widespread campaign of harassment against him, the bombing being only the latest issue, but which also includes continual death threats over the telephone, the voice being a computer altered one. Clara is worried that Ed will crack under the continual stress. But as that campaign continues, Ed, despite Aidan urging him not to take the law into his own hands and retaliate against Tremblay, may not heed the advice in his mental state. Meanwhile, Aidan's personal life is affected by something that happens to Caligra indirectly associated with the case.

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