ow in possession of the late vicar Oddie's register of the PDS sufferers Maxine imposes a travel ban, scuppering Kieren's plan to move to France, as she also withdraws his citizenship for six months after which he must reapply. The PDS are given community work, to repay society, and Kieren and Simon have to help build a perimeter fence. Simon asks Kieren to an Undead party, where he hopes to build up the UDL but Kieren is put off by its violence and the fact that the party-goers are high on sheep's brains. Amy has also been acting oddly and tells Dr Russo that she has been on home-made medication whilst at the commune. Shirley's son Philip has a fetish about PDS women and visits a brothel where he asks a girl to pretend to be Amy. At school Jem's past as a member of the HVF makes her a heroine but when a classmate temporarily regresses into becoming a rabid after taking Blue Obliv pills Jem fails to kill him and is reviled as a coward. She joins her fellow HVF colleague Gary, who wants Maxine to revive the force, and they head to the woods where, in the dark, Jem shoots a PDS sufferer who turns out to be her admirer Henry.

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