hilip, Maxine's second in command, is questioning the strictness of her regime so when a video shows him visiting the PDS brothel she sees the chance to oust him. Sylvia Lonsdale is making noises about the lack of interest in Henry's disappearance so Maxine offers Philip a chance of redemption by silencing her but Philip actually tries to stop Maxine from raiding the brothel and ends up in bed with Amy, who is aghast after seeing Simon kissing Kieren. Kieren's parents invite Simon to Sunday dinner, where he is very restrained but Jem has also invited Gary, now her lover, and when Gary proudly recounts his experiences of killing rabids it is Kieren who snaps and gives his own account of the Rising, disrupting the gathering. Meanwhile Zoe and Brian, two of Simon's disciples, free the rabids at the surgery, resulting in the death of doctor's receptionist Denise.

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