944:- After Lucy has perished in the fire the village comes together for her funeral but Eve is not convinced the fire was an accident. She searches the wreckage and finds Dwight's lighter though when she confronts him he denies any foul play. 1976:- Clare is concerned that her mother may be having another nervous breakdown and is relieved when John,her father,comes to see them. He wants Vivien to return to London with him for treatment but Vivien believes she can resolve matters by staying at Lightfields. However,as more uncanny things start to happen,Clare worries that they are linked to Vivien's previous stay at Lightfields and that a ghost may be to get through to her. 2012:Luke goes missing and is found by Lucy's grave in the churchyard. When he tells Pip that he has seen what he believed to have been the tooth fairy incarnate as a young girl Pip understands that Lucy's ghost may well be trying to communicate with the child. However an unwelcome diversion occurs when Paul announces that he will be applying for custody of Luke.

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