944:- Harry and Eve still believe Lucy's death was no accident and Harry is upset to learn that she had willing sex with Dwight. Eve asks Tom -who once had a crush on Lucy - if she went with the American to defy her strict father Albert but Tom will not be drawn. Harry also discovers a 'hate' letter Eve intended to send Lucy as she was jealous of the affair with Dwight about which both Tom and Vivien knew. However in 1975 Clare is surprised when Vivien apparently fails to recall Lucy after seeing her grave stone. Clare asks Tom for information but he is also reluctant to say much. The women obtain the recently deceased Eve's letters,including one swearing her little sister to secrecy. Clare is disturbed to believe her mother is hiding something,as the ghostly presence continues. In 2012 Luke starts a fire after seeing the ghost - a fact which gives Paul ammunition for his custody claim,a claim Barry sets out to discredit. Seeing a picture of Vivien in the ashes Barry and Lorna Google her and find that Clare wrote a book based on her experiences at Lightfields. They also find a message,Save Her Soul,in the chimney but Pip shows no interest in explaining it.

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