944:- Harry accuses Eve of starting the fire out of jealousy after finding the hate letter but Albert and Martha believe in her innocence. She is shocked to find out that Dwight has a wife and children but he denies killing Lucy to prevent her exposing him. Eve also prevents Albert from killing himself out of guilt for disowning Lucy after he knew she had had sex.1975:- Clare is perturbed by her mother's claims that Lucy is coming to get her after ghostly messages are found around the house.Vivien calls on Tom who tells her how Lucy died,a fact which Vivien seems to have completely erased from her memory. He assures her she was in no way to blame but she is not convinced. 2012:-Luke tells Pip the ghost is his guardian angel but the old man is nervous and begs to differ. That night they both see Lucy's ghost with her dress on fire. Lorna,aware that Paul may use dirty tricks for his custody claim,demands to know what is happening so Pip tells her and Barry the whole story.

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