he killer: Felix Hausman, a young man who has had trouble finding his place in life. Having just been fired from his latest job, Felix has tried to make a living through high stakes gambling. But he was hoping that his life would turn around by some information provided to him from his father's old partner, who is currently in prison. Felix grew up in St. Roch Orphanage, since his father left him when he was a child. The victim: Father Noel Barnett, the tough but caring parish priest at St. Roch, he who was basically Felix's father figure growing up. Father Barnett was found dead in the church with blunt force trauma to the head and his throat slashed. Father Barnett managed to call 911 just before his death, but the call was barely audible. Angie and Oscar have to decipher some cryptic information in Father Barnett's day planner to discover his last movements. They learn that he was working on a domestic abuse case of the Sopressas, Rita Sopressa who he managed to get into a protective shelter away from her abusive husband, Mario Sopressa. But it's what Father Barnett gave Rita on which to survive on her own that leads Angie, Oscar and Brian to what Felix is looking for as the salvation to his life.

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