he victim: former Olympic boxing gold medalist Mark "Machine" Mason, the co-owner of and chief trainer at Machine's, a fledgling boxing gym which doesn't look like it will survive unless changes are made in the business plan. The killer: Joey Mason, the recently wheelchair-bound other co-owner of Machine's, its chief "ideas" man, and Mark's brother. Mark was found in the gym stabbed to death in the back, but not before his knee was savagely beaten. The dead body was reported by Joey. The Homicide detectives initially look at anyone who had a key to the gym as a suspect, although that thought quickly goes out the window when they find out that the gym door was broken, meaning that anyone could have gotten into the gym with ease. Mark's missing Olympic medals, which were prominently displayed, are thought to be the initial motive for at least the break-in, the primary suspects then being disgruntled competitors and vagrants. But when Joey is caught in a lie, Angie focuses her attention on him. She just has to determine the best way to draw him out, which includes the unwitting use of Mark's grieving widow Beth Mason, who has her own love/hate relationship with Joey. In doing so, they may also also uncover the true nature of Mark and Joey's relationship, at least from Joey's perspective.

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