he killer: Sonia Brauer, a newly married travel agent recently moved to Vancouver. The victim: Brendan Kendall, executive assistant to Jimmy Ramsay, the head of Cybrex Plastics. Brendan's dead body is found in his hotel room of the hotel where Cybrex is holding their corporate strategizing meeting. Betty surmises that Brendan was poisoned by cyanide, which leads to Angie believing the killer is a woman. Initially, Homicide believes Brendan's murder has something to do with the Cybrex meeting, especially as Ramsay had a communications lock-down in and out of the meeting, including no telephone calls and/or Internet, and it was deemed that Brendan had a hidden cell phone. But when they determine the method that the cyanide was administered, they come to the conclusion that Brendan was not the intended target. They have to find out which of Cybrex's other employees at the meeting was the target, and who might want to kill him/her, especially as the killer will probably find out the intended target is still alive. The hotel surveillance cameras and Lucas doing a bit of deducing of his own on the nature of Cybrex's meeting may provide a clearer picture of Sonia as the killer and her motive.

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