he victim: seventeen year old Nathan Conroy. The killer: twenty-something Cam Radcliffe, who lives with his Uncle Dave and works at Dave's wrecking yard. Nathan's dead body is discovered buried in an urban park, he who died of an abdominal stab wound. However, the lack of blood at the site indicates that he was not murdered at the park itself. When Homicide IDs the victim as Nathan, they learn that he was convicted for possession of a deadly weapon four months earlier and that he was court ordered to enter into therapy with a Dr. Kate Robbins. Angie is familiar with Dr. Robbins as the doctor was a key expert witness at a manslaughter trial over ten years ago at which Angie was a juror prior to her becoming a police officer. Dr. Robbins' testimony was what convinced Angie to change her mind as to the guilt or innocence of the defendant, who was acquitted. That defendant was a young man named Cameron Radcliffe. The dump site for this current case is within clear view of Dr. Robbins' office. A witness provides information about a suspicious vehicle in the area of the park at the time the body was probably dumped, that vehicle belonging to Cam, who they learn is still in therapy with Dr. Robbins. They are certain that Cam is the killer, but only Dr. Robbins may be able to provide them with the motive. This case is especially difficult for Angie not only because she questions her assessment at that trial which may have led to a murderer being set free, but also because Nathan is around Manny's age, Manny who is just about to head off on his first overseas vacation which includes a stop to visit his biological father Mark who he has yet to meet.

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