he killer: Dr. Monika Harper, a pediatric surgeon, who emigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic in 1995. The victim: Hank Cousineau, a news shop owner who was once in the military, with one of his assignments being on the UN peacekeeping mission in the Balkans. Hank was killed in the back of his store by his throat being slashed, from which he bled to death. By the extremely straight and singular wound and Hank's dead body position, Betty and Homicide determine that his killer looked Hank straight in the eyes while he was sitting in a chair while his throat was slashed. Homicide initially believes that his killers are a group of young men who were demanding protection money from local shopkeepers, Hank who used his own form of justice in the matter. But Homicide's focus changes to that of the Harper family when they find that over the past week Hank's routine had changed drastically, which was overtaken by him stalking the Harper family: Dr. Monika Harper, her husband Professor Desmond Harper and their son Phillip Harper. Homicide can't find any connection between Hank and any of the Harpers until they find out a little more about Monika Harper née Sukova and what happened to her pre-1995, which makes the motive for killing Hank much clearer.

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