he killer: Sophia Balfour, a dance studio owner/instructor. The victim: Dustin McEvers, a low level blue collar criminal, who according to Chris Renway, his professional and personal partner, purportedly was trying to go straight following the birth of their still infant offspring. Chris, however, admits that Dustin still did "collection" on his drug dealing business, a collection which is where he went when she last saw him. Dustin's death, on the surface, looks to be a simple case of self defense by Sophia's husband, Miles Balfour, after Miles, who was alone at home at the time, reported that Dustin broke in in what was probably an attempted robbery, as Dustin was armed, the gun in his hand which could not have been placed there post-mortem. Miles' self-defense argument starts to fall apart upon further examination of Dustin's fatal wound. Miles protecting Sophia as the actual killer starts to come to light based on a previous non-trust issue between husband and wife, and discovery of an old bruise on Sophia's shoulder. Elsewhere, Angie secretly confesses to Oscar her and Cross' past personal involvement gone bad after Oscar witnesses a needless antagonistic professional encounter between the two.

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