he victim: eighteen year old high school senior Emily Williams, who was a boarder at Queen's Cross Academy, the private school she attended at Lions Bay. The killer: fellow Queen's Cross student, sixteen year old Janine Boxton, the younger sister of Emily's ex-boyfriend, Aidan Boxton, the Boxton family who were before that like a second family to Emily in the absence of her own family, with Janine trying to emulate Emily as much as possible down to her copper colored dyed hair. Aidan was the person who reported Emily's dead body found at the bottom of a bluff. Aidan, who had not talked to Emily in a few weeks, received a call from her to meet her there, "their place". Although there was indication Emily fell off the bluff, Betty is able to determine that Emily died of severe blunt force trauma to the back of the head consistent with being hit by someone with a large rock. In speaking to Emily's friends including Aidan, the detectives learn that there were rumors that Emily was having a sexual relationship with one of their teachers, married Warren Bould, which led to Emily's change in attitude approximately four to six weeks ago. That change included her breaking up with Aidan and deciding not to attend Pacific Technical with Aidan the following year despite getting a full scholarship. The detectives eventually do learn from the autopsy the probable cause for Emily's change - that she was pregnant - identification of the father which may provide the detectives with the strongest lead at least to a motive. Meanwhile, two potential office relationships seem to be brewing, one between Cross and prosecutor Samantha Turner, and the other between Officer Sung and married Lucas.

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