he killer: Stuart Fletcher, a paramedic. The victim: Graeme Jenkins, who died in a skydiving accident when his parachute did not open as the cords were cut on both chutes. After the autopsy, Betty determines that Jenkins would have soon died anyway as he was in the later stages of terminal lung cancer, leading to the initial possible belief that he committed suicide. Graeme's wife, Ingrid Jenkins, is able to confirm Graeme was going through an ordered bucket list, skydiving only the most recent activity, but as his life insurance policy did cover his death by cancer that there was no reason why he would have wanted to end his life prematurely via suicide. A chance statement by Graeme prior to the jump about his lucky number leads to a series of clues as to at least a visual identification of the possible killer, who seems to be using the assumed name of John Turner. Connecting John to Stuart is a little more difficult as is figuring out motive. If they are able to make a connection, they will find a first responder who is suffering from PTSD specifically regarding a misdiagnosis leading to an unwanted outcome. Meanwhile, Betty, Angie and Oscar notice what's happening between Brian and Officer Sung. And Angie provides Oscar with the official story of what happened between her and Cross ten years ago, this process which does not sit well with Cross.

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