he victim: Peter Glass, an employee for Fibersec, a digital security consulting firm. He is survived by a wife, full-time homemaker Olivia Glass, and a sixteen year old daughter, Sophie Glass. The killer: Wayne Hobbs, a general contractor, one of whose latest jobs was to build a backyard deck for the Glasses. Peter is eventually identified as the murder victim through DNA of his dismembered body parts strewn throughout various locations in the city. In interviewing those that knew Peter, the Homicide detectives find that he was considered an anti-social man, who seemed to control every aspect of Olivia and Sophie's lives. Regardless, Olivia and Sophie still seemed to love him yet be somewhat scared of him at the same time. They also find that Peter had a relatively small digital footprint himself. The murder investigation turns into a concurrent kidnapping investigation when they find that Wayne has abducted Sophie. In searching through Wayne's belongings, the Homicide detectives find that Wayne has a penchant for girls exactly Sophie's type. In wading through the evidence, Angie knows that Wayne's penchant is a bit narrower than just Sophie's "type", the reason why Wayne killed Peter. Meanwhile, Angie continues on her solo crusade in the Derek Caster murder and finding the connection to Neville Montgomery. And Mark is itching to get out from behind his desk more often, which if it is to happen would require some negotiation with Boyd.

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