he victim: Nika Reid, an assistant to renowned but sleazy photographer Eric Sharpe, who likes to party hard with his young female models and staff, most who will do whatever he says to gain his influence to get ahead in the business. The killer: Stacy Lawford, who works at a local online gossip blog called Wicked City, which specializes in salacious local stories. Stacy also happens to be Nika's roommate and best friend. Eric discovered Nika's dead body in bed with him when he woke up after a boisterous late night party at his live/work studio. The detectives believe Eric is the person who stabbed Nika to death as he seems to be doing whatever required to protect himself, including cleaning himself up and calling a lawyer even before calling 911. When Eric finally decides to talk, he vows that he remembers nothing between the time the cops came by the previous evening on noise complaints to shut the party down to when he woke to find Nika already dead beside him. Angie, the lead on the case, eventually doesn't believe Eric to be the killer based on conflicting evidence and a move by Eric himself to defend himself while only making his situation look even worse to the untrained eye. Stacy inserts herself into the story, covering it for Wicked City, her boss who believes her inside knowledge as Nika's friend and someone who was at Eric's party adds an extra level of salaciousness he craves for the blog. Stacy's vehemence at Eric being the killer raises suspicions in Angie, who has to try and figure out why Stacy would want to kill her friend. Meanwhile, Internal Affairs has issued requests for meetings with Oscar, Mark and Brian, each who has a different perspective of how far he will go to protect Angie. Also at stake is Maria's life, she who would be in danger if news got out about how she fostered the relationship with Angie to look into Neville's possible connection to Derek Caster's murder.

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