ae is pleased to have the apparently fearless Liam as her best, platonic friend, but is surprised that he wants to keep his group attendance secret. This spells trouble for Rae when Liam's violent girlfriend Amy, said to have been expelled from her last college for assault, threatens her and wants to know why they spend so much time together. She gives her until Friday. Liam refuses to tell Amy the truth but Rae sees he is not so tough when he breaks down and they kiss. Archie is also given the ultimatum by Lois to come out by Friday or else she will expose him. He suggests to Rae they run off together but she dissuades him and is pleased when Finn, anxious to resume a non-sexual friendship, offers to teach her self-defence. Come Friday Archie confesses to being gay to generally positive reactions whilst Amy crumbles when Rae tells her she kissed Liam. Back home Mum explains to Rae that she is converting to Islam as Karim, now a lollipop man, wants their baby born into the religion.

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