rouble starts to occur when necessary supplies are out of stock due to overpopulation. Caputo and Linda from MCC head to a very important conference leaving the prison in the hands of the CO's. Taystee enjoys her new job. Lorna is getting on everyone's nerves by talking about her new husband constantly. She also realizes how little she actually knows about him. To take her mind off things, she becomes a detective with Crazy Eyes. Ramos comes up with a plan to get their new "business" up and running and reminisces about her past life while carrying out the plan. Caputo and Linda get distracted at the conference. Meanwhile, Piper, in an effort to stop her competition, approaches Piscatella with concerns of safety in the prison. She is then asked to start a group of "crime-stoppers" once her tips are found to be true. Taking the task and running with it, Piper finds she may be in over her head.

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