fter killing her mother, Rachel is able to abscond with the cure to lead the project. Elsewhere, Ferdinand has kidnapped Mrs. S and Kira, their whereabouts unknown. Sarah, who is still on the island, is injured, but is determined not to leave without Cosima. Sarah, while nursing her injury, has to evade the Neolutionists, who she knows are after her. She also discovers that there is someone, or something else out in the forest that may provide an added threat. Cosima learns from others around her where she is being held, it a "camp" called Revival where Charlotte is also being held. With Delphine also there providing clandestine support, Cosima may have other thoughts as to her situation than Sarah. Alison and Donnie, hiding in the woods with Helena, discover the situation from Felix, they only being told that they should lay low and stay out of sight. They feel somewhat like open targets as they know the Neolutionists are after them while they have no idea as to what is being done either to protect them or to rescue Sarah and Cosima. Felix, Art, Scott and Hell Wizard, with few leads, are working together to find Mrs. S and Kira, and to help Sarah. They hope that Ira, who no longer has an allegiance to the project now that Rachel has taken over, will provide whatever information he knows. Art may be preoccupied himself as Lt. Hardcastle assigns him a new partner, Maddy Enger. Knowing that the police department is rife with Neolutionists, Art soon discovers if Enger is someone he should trust.

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