t Mum and Hannah's, Mum, suggests they do something fun - like go to a lesbian bar. Hannah isn't exactly enthusiastic. Mum is unstoppable. Over at Dad and Mae's, Mae confesses that she had a one-night stand whilst she was pregnant with Grace. Dad is shattered. Meanwhile, Josh and Tom get ready for a dinner with Arnold. Tom is furious that Josh has bought bread when they promised each other that they weren't eating bread! Arnold arrives for dinner and not only tells them it's his birthday on the weekend and that they're invited to his party - but that he finally intends to tell his dad that he's gay. It's big news, especially because his dad is a big homophobe. Tom tries really hard to listen and be sympathetic, but it's hard when all he can think about is Josh's betrayal with the bread. Meanwhile at the lesbian bar, Mum is determined to have fun. Hannah knocks back some shots to cope... In the meantime, Josh gets a call from Dad and learns of Mae's affair. Meanwhile, Claire admits moving to Berlin was a mistake and she's coming home. In the middle of all of this, Josh gets a call from Mae.

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