merican Journalist Ralph Ackerman comes to Whitechapel on the trail of Swift, whose corruption he exposed in the States but Swift catches and kills him, later murdering Best, to whom Ackerman had given his story. Before shooting Best Swift reveals that he is dealing in arms sales to anti-Imperialists. From Best's research the police deduce that the stolen money was Swift's which he was illegally moving to England but they can find no trace of it. Jackson however finds evidence of Swift's guilt on Ackerman's body and tells Susan he knows she shot Reid but she stops him from going to the police by announcing that she is pregnant with his child. A suspicious Drake arrests Jackson and the truth comes out. Susan and Jackson help to exact justice on Swift but their own futures are now in doubt, given their illegal activities. Reid however having seen the case through and been reunited with his daughter is able to find peace at last.

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