laire and Andrew learn that Anna was one of the victims as were Paul's wife and children. Whilst Claire cannot bear to see her daughter in the morgue Paul, consumed with guilt over his affair, goes to pieces, pouring petrol over his house and taking his niece to play on the railway lines before indulging in dangerous activities on a motorway bridge. At his wife's funeral he bans the wearing of black and insists the Wedding March be played. David explains to Anthony that, as a child, he played with Stephen Morton, who was always very odd and obsessed with creatures on the marshes. He tries to interview locals, including the man next door to Morton, the pub landlord and Morton's sister but they all have little to say. It transpires that David's father died in an accident which claimed others and David was bullied as the son of a man branded a murderer. In the light of this his television interview with Andrew is damning of Southcliffe and he foolishly accuses the townsfolk of being complacent in not recognizing Morton's potential as a killer. This is not well-received and he is vilified when the report is shown on YouTube.

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