ercier escapes his German captors and travels to Czechoslovakia to meet the contact the elderly Rozens - whom he helped to defect - gave him,Professor Julius Halbach. Having being given money and a Swiss passport Halbach arranges for Mercier to meet the double agent Chaika, Johannes Elter,a Gestapo officer who gives him details of Germany's planned invasion of France. Mercier is rewarded by his superiors with promotion and a home in Paris. He rings Anna to join him but she refuses as Maxim has been deported and she blames her liaison with Mercier. After hosting a dinner in Paris for his sister Gabrielle and her pianist boy-friend he has to move the Rozens to the coast after he has killed two gunmen after them. He returns to Warsaw and suggests to Dr Lapp that Chaika is supplying deliberately wrong information. That night he kills an intruder in his flat and believes Lapp betrayed him. Some months later he discovers that Maxim lied,he was not deported at all, a fact which brings Anna back to Mercier. In 1939 the Nazis invade Poland and Mercier and Anna board a train bound for Romania,the train also carrying the Polish bullion reserve to save it from the Germans. The train is attacked by Ukrainian bandits but they are routed and the train steams on to the border and safety.

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