lizabeth tries to cancel "delivery of the package" this weekend and scientist, William clips the steel cord, removing the pay phone receiver after the conversation. FBI Dennis pressures Martha to spend time together. At dinner, Martha tells him she is seeing a married man; meanwhile, Stan ransacks her home and flips through her edition of "Kama Sutra". Elizabeth is having symptoms: either as a side effect of the Glanders antibiotic, or she is sick; and she has vivid fever dreams. Nina is still alive, but in solitary. Home in Russia (from his tour in the US) after his brother's death in Afghanistan, KGB Officer Oleg asks his father to help Nina, but his father demands a huge sacrifice in return. As Elizabeth and Gabriel lay sleeping, William confides in Philip. A number of surprising Russian decisions are made on two sides of the ocean but the results of one of them are chillingly final.

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