pening with Klaus establishing his rule in New Orleans, he knows he has to gain the trust of vampires' community, so he ordered a wolf-hunt to erase their suspicions. Hayley asks Elijah and Rebekah for help, for saving her own family from that hunt. Elijah and Rebekah protects the werewolves from Klaus' orders, finding out something interesting about Klaus' true bloodline. The human faction in New Orleans underestimate Klaus, getting themselves all killed. In order to take care of his own people, Marcel decides to ally with Klaus, even if he is going to lose Rebekah again. Camille realizes that she is being compelled by Klaus, but Klaus compels her to forget about him and to leave New Orleans. After Klaus proved him wrong, Elijah feels sorry for his accusations and Klaus is ready to have him and Rebekah back. Knowing that Agnes is already dead, Davina feels exploited by Marcel and decides not to let herself be controlled by anyone. Davina asks Camille for help but she has to fix her first, regardless the pain.

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