former business associate of Moray in Paris, the middle-aged but glamorous Clemence Romanis arrives to sell fireworks to the Paradise. She is independent and feminist, encouraging Denise's ambition and almost talking Audrey out of her marriage to Edmund, since married women cannot work in the store. She is also extremely flirtatious, aware that this way she can reel in the womanizing Weston for the fireworks contract. Jonas, feverish and debilitated, returns to the Paradise, having bribed a policeman to let him escape the charge of killing Bradley Burroughs. Dudley is appalled but grateful when Jonas prevents Weston from discovering him in a compromising position with Clemence. Ultimately Denise learns that, beneath her confident façade, Clemence is lonely and desperate for affection following an unhappy Lesbian affair. She sells her fireworks to Weston and moves on whilst everybody tips Denise to replace the newly-wed Audrey as department head.

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