atherine starts to regret her marriage to Weston and confides in Moray, whose sympathetic hug is observed by her husband. Weston agrees to Fenton's proposal to buy the Paradise and attempts to reconcile with Katherine. Katherine, however, wants more than sympathy from Moray and is upset at his rejection - as Weston discovers. Lucille Ballentine, a working class woman who has married the older Campbell, a wealthy brewer whom she met as his nurse, feels ill at ease in society and identifies with the salesgirls , whom she invites to tea. Campbell Ballentine, a self-made man, admires Moray and wants to invest to help Moray buy the store, a proposal encouraged behind Moray's back by Denise, whose drive Campbell admires. Edmund, meanwhile, suffers a heart attack and decides to sell his shop and retire with Audrey.

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