916:-To make much-needed cash John sells a field to neighbour Rutter but Bert is so heart-broken when the army wants to requisition their horse that he takes evasive action. At least Grace is earning a wage as,with the menfolk fighting,Hankin has taken on a female work-force at the boot factory. Edmund Allingham has come in as his partner and they hope to cash in on the need for boots by the army. Whilst sadistic teacher Ingham preaches patriotism safe in the knowledge that his lack of height renders him exempt from call up Gerald is conscripted,despite his protests that he is a conscientious objector and,before being marched away,gives Bert his camera. Edmund arranges exemption for George,who feels guilty as a result but feels he needs to stay and support Caro after her mother gave her baby away. Joe returns on leave with sad news of fallen comrades and at night Grace hears him crying.

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