ichael and his pregnant girlfriend Vidya move into a flat and discover leakage coming through the ceiling. To their horror they discover, in the attic, the remains of Melissa Young, a previous tenant, who has been dead for over two years. Widowed inspector Len Harper investigates and speaks to the house's other occupants - assertive Elaine Markham and her subdued partner Peggy Scott, journalist Kieron Moss and his initially surly young son Adam and disabled maths teacher Joe Sellers, who owns to disliking Melissa and who once taught Michael. He also interviews by Skype Richard Webb, who sold Michael the flat and now lives abroad. Every single one of them assumed that Melissa had moved and are of no help in the investigation . Michael discovers that Joe lives with a former pupil, Liz Fletcher, who seems to be his mute servant whilst Kieron tells girlfriend and colleague Patricia he will not publish the story of Melissa as it could ruin his chances of selling his flat. Len retires and is given a bow and arrow as a leaving present but is determined to find out more about Melissa's death and decides to conduct a private investigation. However, whilst in her old flat he is hit on the head by an attacker who escapes.

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