idya dresses Len's head wound as he relates his suspicion that Melissa could have been murdered. Joe forbids Liz to go out because she is a kleptomaniac but Michael is surprised to learn that the other tenants assume Joe lives on his own and gets in to see Liz, who is nervous and tells him to leave. Patricia and Adam discover that Kieran has not told them of the other's existence but Patricia is perturbed at the boy's interest in her. Peggy prepares to leave Elaine though neither of them tell Len immediately that they asked a reluctant Melissa to model for their design company for a brochure that was never published. They describe the situation as a one-off, omitting to tell him that Elaine threatened Melissa when she wanted to get publication stopped and a guilty Peggy returned all the copies and the negative to Melissa. At the time Richard consoled Melissa, calling the two women unpleasant bitches - a term Patricia uses to describe them to Vidya at her and Michael's flat-warming party. Back at home Len gets a call saying 'She's Better Off Dead'.

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