idya investigates when she sees a hooded man fleeing the empty flat after writing Skank on the wall. She contacts Len - whose terminally brother has just died - and they track down a friend of Melissa, who tells them she believes Melissa was having an affair with a married man. This turns out to be Kieran, and Adam was aware of the fact, blaming her for his father's alcoholism. After Michael has persuaded him to have a drink with him Kieran gets violent and tries to take Patricia by force and she leaves him. Elaine goes to great lengths to stop Peggy going whilst Len hits Adam after the boy has called Melissa a skank. Michael has sex with Liz whilst brooding on the harsh treatment he had from Joe at school. Vidya has a fall on the stairs, risking the baby, but Liz calls for help as well as telling Michael Joe does not keep her a prisoner and that he was kind to her when she was in trouble. He is shocked to learn she has been living with Joe for eight years.

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