une 1996: Mancunian Daniel Cotton is married to Clare with two grown up children Louise and Charlie and manages a sweet factory with his gruff, adoptive father Samuel. Samuel is estranged from and dismissive of Daniel's half brother Robbo, who runs a night club but the entire family is obsessed with football so Daniel attempts a reconciliation with all of them watching a televised Euro 96 match at a local pub. A terrorist bomb destroys the pub but all three survive, along with Joanne the pub cleaner, a single mother with two small boys and Daniel takes her home. They meet again and he is attracted to and kisses her, which perplexes her as she thought they were 'just mates'. Robbo now feels he has a charmed life and bets £10,000 on England winning the overall tournament but the team is predictably beaten by Germany and Robbo blows up his club for the insurance to regain his losses. Daniel tries to stop him but is too late.

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