fter the dedication ceremony for Galen and Cally Tyrol's son, Duck approaches Tyrol in the temple. Duck informs Tyrol that he has joined the New Caprica Police, in hopes of finding out who tipped the Cylons off and is responsible for Nora's death. Afterwards, Tyrol meets in the backroom with Saul Tigh, Jammer and Jean Barolay to discuss their next move against the Cylons. Tigh suggests hiding explosives in the grain silo, which Jammer points out is across from the hospital. When Tigh shows a lack of concern for the patients' safety, Jammer excuses himself "to patrol the perimeter." Outside, Duck is smoking and examining his new NCP patch. He puts it away when Jammer comes out, and the two friends share a smoke together. Jammer notices that Duck said he was going to quit, to which Duck says "What's the point?" and leaves. Once alone, Jammer sits quietly, and reaches into his pocket to find the Cylon device Number Five gave him.

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