fter the shipment that the Los Angelicos were shipping for the Metas is seized by the police, Daniel is taken. Acosta learns that Daniel will be killed unless he makes restitution. Ryan informs them that the shipment was destroyed. So Javier needs to find some other way to make restitution. Jessica tells Ryan that the shipment wasn't destroyed; they said it was for the publicity. In reality it's being sent East for an operation. So Ryan informs Javier about it so they decide to recover it and Ryan offers to lead it. But he insists that they kill no one. But when they hit them, Cassius is with them and he and Ryan are facing each other. They then drive off but the police are on their tail. And Chapel is trying to find the person in the department who is working for Acosta. Carter offers to help but Chapel says no and tells him to not go near his team.

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