hilst Janine remains in a coma, visited by her mother,Susannah, Jackie tells James that if the farm is to be saved their horse Blackout must win an upcoming race at Newbury so that it has sufficient value for a hefty sale price. However Dominic owes a gang fifty thousand pounds over a lost consignment of stolen cigarettes and asks Tina to ride Blackout and lose the race - which she does with great sadness, confessing to Eli afterwards. Eli himself goes in search of Chris but is knocked unconscious from behind by Ruth's colleague Ian. Afterwards he rescues Ruth's little girl who has wandered into the road as Ruth gives chase to the yellow car she saw leave Janine's house. It is being driven by a little boy from the travellers. Ruth confronts Dominic over the CCTV footage at the garage. He admits his feelings for her but she mistrusts him and turns him down.

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