ollowing Ian's murder James is released on bail. Ruth is taken off the murder investigations, meeting Ian's sister, who wrongly assumes they were a couple. Ruth is puzzled that Ian arrested several teen-aged boys and released them without charge and comes to discover that he was a paedophile, a fact hushed up by station officer George. She resigns her badge and, as a Roma herself, moves in with the travellers. Eli visits his father in jail for the last time, purely to tell him that he has given his share in the horse Blackout to Tina, a fact she only comes to hear about after a visit from Jackie. Tina and Eli plan to run away together though in the meantime Ruth realizes that Ian killed Cal to stop him reporting the sexual abuse and probably killed Janine who found out about it. Ian was in turn slain by Eli but rather than arrest him Ruth gives him time to get away.

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