n modern Carcassonne archaeologist Alice Tanner is drawn to entering a cave where she finds mysterious symbols and a ring with a labyrinth inscribed upon it. Putting the ring on her finger she faints but when she comes to,has a vision of the place some eight hundred years earlier when Alais Pelletier de Ma,a member of the Cathar religious sect,lived there. In the present Alice is questioned by the police about the ring but in 1209 Simon de Montfort and Guy D'Evreau are advancing on Carcassonne with an army,ordered by the pope to wipe out the Cathars as heretics. Alais's father is the guardian of a book which holds the secrets of the Holy Grail and,for safe-keeping, gives her the ring with the labyrinth on it as it is a symbol of the Grail. However she is betrayed by her jealous sister Oriane and,as Alice continues to hear voices from the past,the army prepares to attack.

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