warrant officer is killed when he's struck by a bus. The team investigates and Loretta doesn't think it was an accident. They later learn that the man was working at the same newspaper that Brody's sister worked at, who was killed in a vehicular accident. Brody wonders if they're connected. She also tells them about the photos she's been getting that hints there's more to her sister's death. She and Pride go to the paper which is in Houston and talks to the publishers and their son, who is Brody's sister's boyfriend. And they don't get anything. They return to New Orleans and learn the warrant officer wrote a story on a man who could have gotten back at him for revenge but the man is gone. They later learn that the officer went to the man's house and took his laptop. They wonder why would he do that since he already wrote the story. They then go to the officer's house and find the laptop. While Sebastian and Patton try to crack it, they discover someone trying to hack it. They trace the hacker and discover it's the man who was convicted of killing Brody's sister who claims he's innocent that he was framed and that he was the one who sent Brody the photos hoping she would find the truth.

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