rankie, a council secretary dating Billy, shows George that Camilla Radler lied in order to get her petition signed to stop the zoo and he confronts her but, even with the money from the fund raising event, finances are at an all-time low and George has to sell Adam to Belle Vue zoo on the promise of retrieving him in better days. Following her disgrace Katherine is hiding away but on discovering that her nephew Aldous works for Sir Arthur Addison, the deputy minister of health, who approves planning permission appeals, George persuades her to go to London with him where they button-hole Sir Arthur, resulting in permission for a public hearing. Back at the zoo Muriel's efforts to get work as a typist, helped by Archie, whom she encourages to stand up to his mother, are more successful than June's idea to give the villagers camel rides whilst Eve gives birth to two cubs.

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