C goes to a construction site where two men were injured. When he arrives one of them died and he treats the other who is frantic that his friend is dead. He later reveals that his friend was hurt because of a prank that went wrong. TC discovers the man has condition which explains what went wrong with the prank and affect his life. Jordan treats a boy whose mother is trying to get her son released as soon as possible. When Gwen sees the boy's parents she suspects she knows what's going on with them. And how she reacts gets her in trouble. Ragosa, Drew and Krista take part in a wager with Kenny as the judge. A friend of Topher and TC's in the Middle East needs treatment which he's going to get but when Topher sees him online, he thinks he doesn't have time so he tries to go there but TC thinks he should be the one who goes but Topher won't let him because of Jordan.

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