ith Jamal having carried out Barry's assassination, the insurgents believe the upcoming ground breaking ceremony photo op between Jamal and the Chinese ambassador is the perfect opportunity to make a statement by assassinating Jamal. The question becomes how to do it, as most of their names and faces are among those on the government watch list. More may be on the watch list than they realize. Ahmed finds out that there is more to being and more that is expected of him by his father in being the Minister for Energy Development than acting dictatorial. Molly has returned to the United States, and as she deals with trying to bring Barry's dead body back to US, questions what good she did by being in Abuddin while Sammy and Emma were back home without her. Little does she or the rest of the world realize that Jamal, rather than having Barry's blood on his hands, has left him in the middle of the desert for the elements and/or starvation and dehydration to kill him instead. As Barry clings to life, he prays to the Gods that the footsteps he sees in the sand will not be blown or washed away and that they will lead him to safety.

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