o quell the insurgency, Tariq bends Jamal's directive, and orders a chemical attack in a public market, killing one thousand. Jamal has to figure out how to handle the situation. Despite disobeying orders, Tariq's action at least has the intended result of indeed decimating and thus seemingly quelling the insurgency. What Jamal decides as a public measure pleases Leila, who only knows the public face of the story... that is until she is faced with reality herself. With the insurgents, those still alive are indeed abandoning Ihab in droves, blaming him for the massacre. But many do know the reality of the attack itself and continue to remain defiant against the Al-Fayeeds. Barry's rescuers are part of the Al-Yazbeks, a Bedouin family. As Barry is obviously a political prisoner based on his clothing, their first thought is to turn him in for the reward. But there end up being mixed feelings within the family about what to do about their "guest", the reward which may be a moot point if they learn that there is no record of a prison escapee and thus no reward. Back in the States, Molly is having difficulties dealing with Sammy's emotional issues concerning his father. Those feelings may change with news from Jimmy about Barry's estate. Through it all, Molly turns to old "pre-Barry" comforts.

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