arry is settling into his new life with the Al-Yazbek family. An issue with Daliyah - debating if she should leave for six months, especially with Ghani not understanding what her absence means, if only for a longer term better life for the family - leads to Barry showing how committed he is to them and what they have done for him without question. At the palace, Amira divulges to Jamal a twenty-five year secret she has been keeping, divulging it now based on circumstance, including both Khaled and Barry no longer being alive. Jamal has to decide what to do with this information, taking into consideration what Leila's reaction would be to the news, Ahmed not seeming to grasp easily or fully his new duties, and knowing now that Ahmed and Nusrat's unborn child will be a boy. Back in the States, Molly and Sammy learn that there is an issue with his trust, which can only be resolved by Sammy going back to Abuddin. Molly has to weigh her resistance to the idea against Sammy soon turning eighteen, when he can do whatever he wants. And Ihab and Samira realize that they have to leave the country to protect themselves at this critical juncture. What happens to them may give them another option in taking Jamal down.

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