he army of the Caliphate take control of Tal Jiza, with Daliyah and her colleagues among their hostages, who may be executed to be made an example of everything wrong according to the Caliphate. The Caliphate conscript the men of the town in their march further into Abuddin, most specifically to Ma'an. Barry knows he can't stay in Tal Jiza as he is not only an enemy of the state but also an enemy of the Caliphate. However, he still feels he can't divulge his secrets to Ahmos despite Ahmos' unconditional assistance. In Barry's escape from Tal Jiza, he gets unexpected company. Jamal and Tariq learn of the Caliphate being in Tal Jiza, Ihab being among their ranks, and their plans to go to Ma'an, which places the Chinese nationals working there at risk. Although he leaves the planning of the mission against the Caliphate to Tariq, Jamal can't help but think that Tariq's heavy handedness in the past has led to all the problems they are currently facing. And Molly, Sammy and Jimmy arrive in Abuddin with the public news of the Caliphate in the country.

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